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Family Stories

Posted in Charitable Planning, Philanthropy

Grandpa, tell me a story.

Grandma, tell me about growing up on the farm.

Mom, tell me what it was like when you went to college?

Dad, tell me that story about going to summer camp and getting lost in the woods.

New research is revealing the importance of family  and have more resiliency when times are tough.  Who knew that listening to Grandma’s stories about all the hard work on the farm were “good medicine”?!  It is a fascinating area of research and it is also heartening to know that the long history of human storytelling is a key to helping future generations build better connections and deal more effectively with stress.  You can read this article in the New York Times to learn more.

Charitable planners and philanthropists have long valued story telling as a way to pass along family history as well as family values and ideals.  Below is a link to a video about the importance of family stories and engaging family in planning your legacy for your family and philanthropy.

Generational Storytelling Video

After you’ve viewed the video, please visit our Leverage Your Gift website page here, where you can learn more about engaging your family and also download a Planning Your Philanthropy guide to help you get your family conversations started.  Contact us to find out more at

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Leverage Your Gift Video

Posted in Charitable Planning, Videos

First post on our new blog, Introduction Video:

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